Adult  — The brand was born from Raphaële Lenseigne’s desire to offer fashion pieces that invite their owner to experiment with their identity. With a spirit of playful disruption, Adult’s offering is characterised by flamboyant collections of high-heeled shoes in an unusually broad size-range: 36 to 46. Adult is an emancipation tool. The bespoke logo is designed to look elegant yet full of character with elongated serif slabs that remind of the Adult shoes, complete with the signature cut in the heel of some of the letters. It is sometimes used as an all-over print and it conveys a sense of playfulness while still being timeless.
The wordmark can be shortened into an 'A' with a dot, which becomes the icon. It features the characteristic 'A' with a chopped off dot, with the dot being the shape of the footprint of the signature chopped off adult heels. Throughout the identity, the chopped off heel is a returning reference. A cut of 45° is made in images on socials, website, in printwork etc.

Made with and for Vrints-Kolsteren.

Jordy Philips

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Graphic design and art direction