Antwerp Art Index 2022-23 — Antwerp Art is a non-profit organization that connects the most relevant actors in the contemporary art scene of Antwerp. From established galleries and museums to upcoming initiatives. The identity, designed by Vrints-Kolsteren, is based on dynamic lines that make the words AA (Antwerp Art) and AAW (Antwerp Art Weekend). These lines are used to build a dynamic system that scales to different sizes and forms to emphasise the supportive quality that Antwerp Art provides towards these institutes.
Every year they organize Antwerp Art Weekend, a yearly event that combines exciting programmes, talks, performances, book presentations and parties, connecting the most relevant actors in the Antwerp contemporary art scene. For the 2022-23 index, a play on numbers is used to create a cover that can be read in multiple ways, both folded open and closed.  

Made with and for Vrints-Kolsteren.

Jordy Philips

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Graphic design and art direction