Doel Festival 2023 — Doel, where Doel Festival is set, is a mythical place which carries a tumultuous history and hosts uniquely preserved architecture. The vision for the identity of Doel Festival is to build further on what is already present. Doel is a special place and we want to amplify its magical and strange atmosphere, without imposing. This is why Doel’s history extends itself visually in the design. We developed a visual identity which evolves with every edition, referencing the shiny metal perforated plates covering up the windows and doors of houses, to the washed off graffiti and faded signage. When attending the festival, you can really feel this history of the town, which makes it a unique experience. This is why the visual identity is constructed out of different layers as if we were slowly peeling away some of those layers that show Doel’s unique history and atmosphere. 
By doing so, we hope that through design we can create an extra awareness for the visitors of the festival and create an extra purpose next to the communicative nature of posters, advertisements etc. Doel Festival has a symbiotic relationship with the village. The festival works together with local entrepreneurs and supports the current inhabitants and redevelopment of Doel by donating a percentage of each purchased ticket into a support fund, specifically set up for that purpose. This means that you buying a ticket, has a direct impact on the village’s future.

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Jordy Philips

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Graphic design and art direction