Transit Festival — Transit is a progressive electronic music festival creating spatial experiences through atmosphere and scenography. Every edition the visual identity changes its colour and visual references to match each year's scenography on site while the Transit logo stays a signature element. The logo itself is both a play on words as well as a play on form. The wordmark is being mirrored with the idea of ‘transcending’ or being in transit from one universe to another, which creates 4 T’s in all corners mirroring themselves in horizontal and vertical directions.
Transit aims to push the boundaries of working with their surroundings, as the festival is set in a piece of nature close to the city. This blend of nature and architecture is a core element of the identity. Strict grids and a bold logotype are being combined with visual references of water, flowers, and so on. 

Made with and for Vrints-Kolsteren.

Jordy Philips

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Graphic design and art direction